Welcome to Clinic-Ware


Who We Are

Based in Manila in The Philippines, but with Offices and Sales outlets throughout Australia and South East Asia, Clinic-Ware has established itself as a designer and producer of Veterinary Practice Management Systems.
Our Systems are installed thoughout Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Hong Kong and the PRC, in addition we have systems in California and The Bahamas.

Worldwide Users

What We Do

From the early days in 2005 are aims were clear, develop a Veterinary Management system that was easy and 'intuitive' enough for the first time user and yet so full of functionality that its 'Cost of Ownership' over 5 years was so attractive that existing Users of more expensive systems would be prepared to transfer. The 18 months it took us to develop the Veterinary Management Software was assisted by the fact that we were based in Manila, Philippines – the home of thousands of very bright IT professionals.

First Time Users

The combination of Ease of Use and low and permanent entry price make the Clinic-Ware Veterinary System ideal for first time Users. Take a look at our Demonstration Page to see how easy it is to use. Our prices include 6 x 30 minute training sessions which is enough to get you started.


Existing Users

We urge you to take a look at our Prices and Cost of Ownership and compare them with what you're paying now. Our policy of issuing a single Practice License means no extra cost for an additional Workstation or Printer.


Clinic-Ware's versatile Setup unit makes its possible to operate the system in any country in the world. The database has been designed to store infromation using UNICODE enabling it to process Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic Characters.