The Clinic-Ware Product


Exactly What You Get

When you sign up and purchase a Clinic-Ware Veterinary Practice Managament Software License this is what you will receive:

  • A single perpetual Practice License - 1 x Server and as many Workstations as the Microsoft SQL Express product will support - we currently have many Clients with excess of 8 Workstations
  • 6 x 30 minute training sessions (enough to get you going)
  • Free Support for the first 12 month

What this means is that Clinic-Ware will never make any additional charges to you for adding additional Workstations, signing up with IDEXX, enabling E-Order etc.

Sample Screens

New Appointment Screen

Vaccine Information Screen

Country Setup Screen

Chinese Data

Development Environment

Clinic-Ware's Veterinary Practice Management Software has been designed and developed using the very latest tools (dot NET, SQL 2012, Crystal Reports), providing a system that is easy and intuitive to operate, flexible in its User interface and extremely cost effective for small (single Veterinarian) to medium multi-Veterinarian Practices.

Non-Western Character Data

All data held in our SQL Database is stored as UNICODE - this means that Oriental and Arabic characters may be held on file. A typical Chinese Screen shot is shown as one of the screen examples in the right column.


Data Conversion

If you are an existing user of another System we will convert your existing data into the Clinic-Ware format. This Conversion will also include an Audit of your existing data which will identify duplications, anomilies and errors with suggestions that they should be 'improved' prior to the conversion. Systems we have converted include:

  • Vetcare
  • RxWorks
  • DOS VetAid
  • Visual Vetaid
  • Vetware
  • Quickvet
  • CHS