Clinic-ware Support


Our Definition of Support

  • Guarenteed 4 hours response (often immediate - see Communication) to a notifiction you have a problem. Our priority is to get you back 'on the air' - we'll even find a nice way of saying 'Is it switched on?'
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the software. Clinic-Ware has been meeting is target of at least one upgrade a month for over three years. These upgrades are generally automatic and are issued to all our Clients (provided their Support Fee is not outstanding).

Support Process

Support Fees

We believe our support fees are lower than most of our competitors - that's certainly our desire. In Australian terms our fees represent about 13 hours per client per year (not including the value of frequent releases with additional functionality). That works out at a little over an hour a month - most of our Clients will admit to more than that!


Clinic-Ware believes good support is based on good communication with alternatives in case of their failure. In all cases we ask you to send an E-mail to our support address - this puts the call on record.

In addition you can contact a member of our support team using Skype - all members of our support team have Skype addresses; if they don't respond because they're on another call, leave them a message in 'Chat'.

Finally there's the good old telephone - we're not a fan because its both expensive and generally involves queing listening to some music you don't like!


Our Support Products

In order to meet its Support commitments Clinic-Ware relies heavily on two Products:

  • Skype® - because is allows cheap international communication, allows the caller to check the availablily of who he want to talk to and the ability of leaving a message which is timestamped.
  • Teamviewer® - which allows either you see our screen or us to take control of yours in order to fix a problem.